About Maryland Health and Wellness

Maryland Health and Wellness Center

The Maryland Health and Wellness Center began in nursing homes for groups of seniors to community settings, and one-on- one therapeutic sessions with Alzheimer’s patients and war veterans suffering from severe symptoms of PTSD. We have since grown to encompass a wider range of those involved, from young veterans to the disabled. Our goal is to empower seniors, veterans, and adults with special needs within the Baltimore Metropolitan area by providing alternative therapies, that engage and assist these individuals to achieve greater independence by overcoming physical and emotional limitations.  Our programs empower individuals to lead productive lives, establish healthy coping skills, encourage positive behavioral habits, and increase independence fulfilling their potential.   This is accomplished by applying the practice of focusing our attention on our thoughts, feelings and environment in the present moment with movement and meditation together.





     Sonia Garcia, MBA, PhD

       Director of Grants and Outreach

Sonia is an experienced independent consultant working closely with a variety of healthcare and educational  clients.  She assists with traditional and new media strategies and implementation, grant writing, public relations, media relations, web analytics, copy writing, and event management. Foremost, Sonia is passionate about helping communities thrive in addition to mentoring and assisting young adults pursue  their dreams.


” Overall a rewarding experience and the instructor and participants were extremely kind and genuine. Overall, a great experience and highly recommend them to anyone! “

— Arabella Edwards

” The meditations are outstanding and have helped me cope with anxiety and other challenges. I will certainly be back again soon. “

— Mary Stickly

”  I always enjoy the personalized instruction and virtual lessons are convenient as a working mom! “

— Emma T